Selected Portraits



Working Methods

I start with a conversation. The client and I discuss what they envision, including mood, style, clothing, background, color scheme and size. I like to meet with the subject and client in person if possible. The next step is a professional photo session, which I conduct. An assistant is hired if needed. I use high quality camera equipment and lighting to ensure the best images from which to work. I then narrow the photographs down to my favorites, at which point the client and I decide and agree upon the final pose and expression. I will also make color studies and sketches from life if time allows. Next, I begin the work and send the client updates on my progress. As the piece nears completion I reveal the painting to the client and offer to make minor changes, although this is rarely requested. The painting is then delivered.

For prices and more details on my method  send me an email at I will be glad to chat with you about what you are looking for and how, together, we can make a meaningful work of art that will last many lifetimes.


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